About Us

The Nutty Bavarian began business in 1989 selling fresh roasted, cinnamon glazed nuts using a Bavarian recipe developed by Bruno the Bavarian. The first Nutty Bavarian was located in Orlando, Florida. In 1994, with money borrowed from his family, David Brent purchased the company, which had grown to ten locations, and began its rapid expansion. By 1996, The Nutty Bavarian was among INC’s list of the 500 fastest growing private companies in America, with Nutty Bavarian locations numbering 100. The Nutty Bavarian’s growth came from the design and development of a new fully automated nut roasting system. The Nutty Bavarian began licensing its system to independent operators who opened locations in major malls, theme parks, sports stadiums and arenas, zoos, and airports throughout the United States. In addition, The Nutty Bavarian became a side business for many professionals who operate at local fairs and festivals on weekends.  Recently, The Nutty Bavarian has enjoyed great success as an add-on product to candy stores and other existing concession operations.

The two keys to the success of The Nutty Bavarian are: the simplicity of the system and the low cost of entry. David Brent put his engineering background to good use, developing an automated nut roaster that cost thousands of dollars less than the German imports — yet is easier to use and maintain.  More importantly, the Nutty Bavarian nut roaster produces a consistent higher quality product with no broken nuts!


There are no franchise fees involved making it very affordable to open a new business. These two keys have helped grow The Nutty Bavarian to over 1,000 locations in the United States. The Nutty Bavarian can even be found internationally, from South America to the Far East and more.

The Nutty Bavarian is an excellent addition to existing stores that sell candy, ice cream and other snacks. The aroma generated by fresh roasting and glazing the nuts in a store attracts customers to the location and increases their appetites! Candy stores find that by adding The Nutty Bavarian, sales of all of their products increase!

The Nutty Bavarian manufactures  the NBR2000 nut roaster, nut warmers, carts and hand sinks at its Sanford facility. The Nutty Bavarian is also a manufacturer of pre-roasted and glazed nuts which are sealed in high quality polypropylene bags with extremely low oxygen transmission rates. The pre-roasted and glazed nuts are shipped to locations across the country. When opened, the sealed nuts taste as if they were made that day.

The Nutty Bavarian is a full service company which trains and supports its licensees. In short, our goal is to enable licensees to make money selling cinnamon glazed nuts at their locations.