Key Personnel

Key employees at The Nutty Bavarian:


David Brent


David Brent worked for NASA as an aeronautical engineer before purchasing The Nutty Bavarian in 1994.


David Zangenberg

Senior Vice President, Merchandising

David Zangenberg joined The Nutty Bavarian in 1998. David has helped independent operators at hundreds of different locations across the USA and even the world increase their sales while maximizing profits.


James Holliday

Vice President, Operations

James has worked at The Nutty Bavarian since 2000. James leads the equipment manufacturing department and helps licensees open new locations and increase sales at existing locations.


Keya Morgan


Keya joined The Nutty Bavarian in 2008 and heads the purchasing and accounts payable departments.


Amber Stefanisko

In House Sales Manager

Amber joined The Nutty Bavarian in 1997 and now leads our in house sales efforts.


Ed Conrado

Production Manager

Ed Conrado has worked at The Nutty Bavarian since 2006. Ed manages food production and shipping.


Ariel Brent

Sales, Midwest Region

Ariel has been helping The Nutty Bavarian grow since she was 2 years old. She now joins the company in the more official position of leading sales in the Midwest. Ariel’s region includes Minnesota, Michigan, Missouri, Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Ohio, and Wisconsin.


Leora Poplawsky


Leora joined the Nutty Bavarian in 2013. Leora has experience in helping independent operators succeed. Leora speaks 5 different languages and is witty and charming in 4 of them.


Galit Goldstein

In House Sales

Galit is the newest member of our sales team. Galit only speaks two languages but is witty and charming in three.


Layla Ward

Customer Service

Layla insures that orders are shipped correctly to customers in the most cost effective manner possible.