Q: What is The Nutty Bavarian roasted nut program?
A:   The specially designed Nutty Bavarian equipment simultaneously roasts and glazes a variety of nuts to create a unique and delicious gourmet product. The roasting and glazing occurs in direct view of the customer. As the nuts are about to be removed, water is poured on the nuts to complete the glazing process. Dramatically, steam rises and fills the air with a wonderful cinnamon scent attracting many more customers. Finally, the nuts are poured from the roaster, steaming hot, packaged, and sold fresh and warm.

Q: Are there free franchise fees, royalty payments, or advertising fees?
A:   We are not a franchise. There are no up front franchise fees paid when purchasing our system and there are no sales commissions paid to The Nutty Bavarian. We will license you to use our proven success system and techniques as long as you purchase our specially developed cinnamon nut glaze and logo packaging from The Nutty Bavarian.

Q: Can you purchase a completely turnkey operation?
A:   If you purchase an equipment package, you get everything you need to open including:
– Nut roaster, fully assembled and tested.
– Nut warmer/merchandising unit.
– Complete set of utensils and storage.
– Complete training program.

Q: What training program does The Nutty Bavarian provide?
A: The Nutty Bavarian offers either start-up and training at your location, training at one of our own locations or a training video.  The type of training that you receive depends on the location that you are opening.  Permanent locations such as malls require more extensive training.  Training includes:
– Roasting techniques
– Merchandising
– Sales techniques
– Bookkeeping
– Equipment operation and maintenance

Q: What is the nut roaster’s production capacity?
A:   Batch roasting time is about 15  minutes. A fully batch yields approximately 2 1/4 lbs. for 10 – 11 packages.

Q: How long does it take to get the equipment delivered?
A:   It takes approximately 2 to 4 weeks once the license and sales agreements are signed, and we have received your deposit, until you are open for business.

Q: What are the staffing requirements?
A: Due to the high level of automation, The Nutty Bavarian nut roasting system can be operated by a single person reducing labor expenses to a minimum.

Q: Are there health department, license, or insurance requirements?

A:  You will need a license from your city, county or both.  As part of your license, you will have to pass safety and health inspections.  The safety inspection is usually done by the fire department.  Since no oils are used in cooking, the fire inspection is pretty routine.  Since no hazardous materials are used, the health inspection is also rather simple.  We will work with you to help you through these different steps.  The Nutty Bavarian equipment meets all State and Federal heath requirements.

Q: What products can you make?

A:   The Nutty Bavarian roaster can glaze any nut, including: almonds, pecans, cashews, peanuts, walnuts and macadamias.  In addition, you can even glaze coconut and banana chips!  Additional items that can be prepackaged and sold at the cart include: salted cashews and chocolate covered peanuts.

Q: What is the food cost per package?
A:   This information is proprietary and will be included in the package sent to you once your licensee application has been approved.

Q: How do I purchase raw products and packaging?
A:   The raw ingredients and packaging is ordered from The Nutty Bavarian and shipped directly to your location. We keep all items in stock and usually ship the same day.

Q: What about product quality and consistency?
A:   Whether the roasted nut carts are in Orlando, Honolulu, or New York, the same delicious quality and consistency is easily achieved through our proven recipe and roasting techniques. We have virtually eliminated costly product preparation time, product waste, and special storage requirements such as freezing or refrigeration. We provide quality ingredients that will assure customer satisfaction and repeat business for the owner.

Q: Is special packaging available?
A:   Packaging can be personalized with your name and number.  Also, specially decorated tins and other items are available to support additional sales at the cart during the holidays.

Q: Can other sources of sales be generated from the carts?
A:   You can generate additional sales by adding beverage items or other snack and candy items.

Q: What locations can the cart be operated in?
A:   We have successful carts operating in a variety of locations including theme parks, theaters and auditoriums, shopping malls, stadiums and arenas, zoos and convention centers. A complete list of locations is included in the information packet you get after your licensee application is approved..

Q: How do I become a Licensee of The Nutty Bavarian?
A:   To become a Licensee, the following steps are taken:
Fill out application
– Upon receipt and approval of the application, we will send you a complete information packet.
Review the information packet and call us with any questions.
– Find an excellent location:
a) Choose a number of potential locations in your area.
b) Together we will discuss the potential locations and help you determine the best ones.
c) Obtain written approval to approach the location.
d) Determine electrical requirements.
– Decide upon specific equipment needed for the location.
– Equipment is delivered.
– Employees are trained and you are open for business!

Q: What additional support is the provided by The Nutty Bavarian?
A:    The Nutty Bavarian will:

  • Help the Licensee decide on the best location to operate a cart.
  • Help the Licensee determine that location’s profitability.
  • Interface with the authorities to help obtain the required licenses.
  • Aid in setting up an accounting system with financial controls.
  • Keep the Licensee informed on relevant changes in the business through emails.
  • Support each location to help maximize profits and guarantee that you are producing quality roasted nut products.
  • Develop merchandise materials to increase sales.

Q: What can I do if my business is not profitable?
A:   The Nutty Bavarian roaster cart is completely mobile and may be moved to another location if the present location is not successful. As part of our continuing support, The Nutty Bavarian will work with you to analyze your operations to insure maximum profitability or to help find a better location if required.