Nut Roasters

NBR2000 Plus Automated Nut Roaster

nbr2000-websmThe key to the Nutty Bavarian’s system is the NBR2000 which automatically produces perfectly glazed and roasted nuts in direct view of the customer.

Manufactured by The Nutty Bavarian in the USA

  • Built in temperature controller and digital timer
  • Buzzer sounds and heat shuts off when product is ready
  • Self cleaning
  • Zero maintenance
  • Heavy duty motor/circuit breaker protected20amp-receptacle
  • Counterbalanced dump arm

Specifications (120 Volt, 20 amp receptacle shown on right)

  • Production rate: 15 minutes/batch
  • Batch yields 2.25 pounds of glazed nuts — 11 servings
  • 120 Volt, 20 amps, 1850 Watts (240 Volt, 10 amp, 2400 Watt unit available for export)
  • 20 inches wide by 21 inches deep by 12 inches high.
  • Click to view spec sheet

Price: $3750 (120 Volt),  $3850 (240 Volt)

Watch the NBR2000 in action!







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Gas Nut Roaster

Produces 4.5 pounds of glazed nuts per 15 minute batch
Double the production of the NBR2000!

Uses LP gas plus 110 Volt, 150 Watt electrical service for motor.gasnutroaster300px

Compact — 18″ x 24″ space required.

Price: call for quote