Bruno The Bavarian

Bruno was born in 1891 in Footfurt, Germany.  Footfurt is a small village nestled in the Bavarian hills.  Its inhabitants are famous for their good nature and love of good food.

Bruno was the fifth son of the town baker, Wilhelm.  Wilhelm made delicious breads, cakes, and cookies.  The good people of Footfurt claimed that their good nature came from the wonderful smells coming from Wilhelm’s bakery that woke them every morning.
Bruno’s four older brothers worked hard for their father Wilhelm.  The older brothers followed every order given to them by Wilhelm to the letter.  Thus, the family recipes passed down from generation to generation never changed.


Bruno was different than his brothers. First, Bruno loved to experiment with new ideas and new recipes. He would add extra yeast to try to make his breads lighter. When he gave the bread to his brothers to taste, they would say, “Nicht gut – that does not taste right.” He would add extra sugar to make his cakes sweeter. Again, his brothers would say, “Nicht gut.”

Most of all, Bruno loved nuts. He would add nuts to everything he made.  Instead of bread, he baked almond bread. Instead of chocolate cake, he made chocolate pecan cake. If the recipe called for nuts, he would add more nuts. His apple strudel was so filled with nuts that the townsfolk called it walnut strudel. Still, his brothers said, “Nicht gut.”  Bruno was sad, yet determined.

During the Annual Oktoberfest, Bruno smelled something wonderful.  Following the delicious aroma, Bruno discovered a man making fresh roasted, cinnamon glazed almonds.  After tasting a single nut, Bruno knew his destiny.

Bruno began work on perfecting a recipe for cinnamon glazed nuts. His nuts were so delicious, that people in the village wanted them year round, from special events to snacking.  Bruno opened his nut roasting factory right next door to his father’s bakery. Soon, the people in Footfurt could be heard explaining that their good nature came from the delicious aromas produced by that nutty Bavarian, Bruno.

The Nutty Bavarian still uses the same recipe developed by Bruno in Bavaria. We hope that it gives you the same pleasure enjoyed by the citizens of Footfurt for over a hundred years.