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The Kettle Fresh Fudge program is a complete retail fudge system that is both easy to produce and highly profitable.  We supply everything from retail packaging, supplies and utensils, merchandising materials, plus inclusions and flavorings. Whether you are new to the fudge business or simply want to switch to our program, our team of dedicated fudge experts will help you every step of the way.

For new businesses, Kettle Fresh Fudge makes it easy to get your fudge program up and running!  We sell everything you need to operate your fudge shop: from our fudge mixes to our kettle and everything in between.  We offer a large variety of fudge inclusions such as caramel, specialty slabs, fruit mashes, flavorings, and raw nuts so that you can make over 100 delicious fudge recipes fresh in your store.  We also carry fudge making utensils, equipment, and supplies including fudge pans, mixing bowls, spatulas, scales, and much, much more!  We have you covered with packaging supplies in many different sizes, along with signage and merchandising materials. We truly are a one-stop shop!

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Already selling fudge and looking at your other options?

Lets take a closer look at The Kettle Fresh Fudge Difference.

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Our startup package is designed to include everything needed to make your kettle fresh fudge on-site. Highlights include:

Fudge Kettle

Fudge Kettle

Fudge Mix

fudge mix

Cooking Supplies

fudge making supplies

We are now proud to present our newest delicacy: Pecan Pralines.

But whats a praline?

Pecan pralines originated in the South and have been growing in popularity across the United States. A creamy combination of fresh pecans skillfully combines with sugar, butter, and cream – this southern delight is now loved everywhere they are sold.

Now easy to make!

Pralines are a craft candy traditionally made by the most skilled candy make. However, we have developed a mix that allows you to easily and consistently produce pralines in the same equipment you already use to make fudge.

The process is very similar to fudge: start with butter, water, and add the dry mix along with included flavor packets. After it is completely cooked and blended, add the pecans. Instead of pouring slabs when the batch is completed, you simply scoop the pralines out of the kettle and allow them to cool overnight.

Same great margins you expect from Kettle Fresh Fudge.

Finished praline cost is $0.71 to $0.98 per 2.5-oz to 3.5-oz serving. SRP is $3-$4.

Pecan Praline

Can’t make the fudge yourself but still want to offer delicious and creamy fudge to your customers? We’ve got you covered with our pre-packaged fudge program. Please visit our partner at https://thatfudgeplace.com/ for more details. They have multiple programs to best suit your needs, from full 6-lb slabs to 8-oz containers to 4-oz containers. Make sure to ask about their retail startup package too!


No previous candy making experience is needed, and no special skills are required. Our fudge products make it easy to consistently make the creamiest, most delicious fudge around!

When you purchase a new fudge program package, one of our dedicated fudge experts will travel to your location to teach you everything you need to know to succeed. Fudge making, merchandising, flavor selection, product storage, and sales techniques are all covered extensively.

Our fudge program offers high profit potential! One ¼-lb portion of fudge has a food cost of approximately $0.70-75 depending on the flavor and which inclusions are needed. Our SRP for that portion is $4-5. That’s an 80% average gross profit margin!

Only butter and water are needed to make basic fudge. Other flavors require inclusions such as nuts, flavorings, fruit mashes, peanut butter, or caramel. These items are all available through Kettle Fresh Fudge and can be shipped to you with the rest of the supplies you order.

A fudge kettles is required to prepare the fudge. Other items like fudge pans, mixing bowls, scales, and more are included in our Complete Fudge Package. You will also need a refrigerator to keep your butter fresh and a microwave to quickly heat up ingredients like caramel, and other inclusions.

The fudge kettle requires a dedicated, 120 volt, 20 amp electrical circuit.

For fudge production, you will only need a 4-ft table big enough for the kettle and scale. You’ll also need a simple storage shelf or bakery rack for the fudge to cool overnight. For your fudge display we recommend a 6-ft sales counter behind an open glass sneezeguard. The more space you have, the more flavors you can display, and the more fudge you will sell.

While fudge has an extremely long shelf life, it will eventually dry out. Factors such as how much water was used to prepare the fudge and other conditions such as outside humidity will also cause variations in the shelf life. It typically sells so fast shelf life is rarely an issue. If you have fudge that does dry out it can be melted down and used again to make fresh fudge – so no product waste!

Yes. Contact your local Department of Health to get the specific requirements needed in your area.

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