Make Money Selling The Nutty Bavarian Fresh Roasted, Cinnamon Glazed Nuts!

The Nutty Bavarian’s delicious, gourmet nuts can be found at a variety of locations from major theme parks and sports arenas to small candy stores and movie theaters. The small footprint allows the nuts to be roasted wherever food is made. The incredible aroma created during the roasting process is enticing, drawing customers over to see what smells so good.

“The smell is the sell!”

The Nutty Bavarian sells all the equipment and supplies needed to support a successful program selling fresh roasted, cinnamon glazed nuts. We accomplish this by providing a one-stop-shop for our licensees:

  • equipment for roasting and merchandising
  • pre-packaged and pre-measured ingredients
  • sales and marketing techniques
  • everything needed to make the nuts on-site in direct view of the customer

We have a variety of start-up packages available to suit most any business model and location type. The packages are designed to set you up for immediate success right away with the lowest possible expense.

The Nutty Bavarian logo


Everything you need to make and merchandise the roasted, glazed nuts on-site, with a one-time ROI. Package includes:
nut roaster and warmer with product
Couple with stand alone cart

Stand Alone Arena Cart

Everything you need, plus our self-contained stand-alone arena cart. Perfect for setting up at events, malls, parks, the list goes on! Package includes:

Pre-Made Product

This complete package allows you to provide The Nutty Bavarian’s delicious roasted and glazed nuts without the labor or larger space commitment. Like all our packages, this includes enough product to offset your initial investment.

assortment of fresh nuts on display


We are not a franchise. There are no up-front franchise fees paid when purchasing our system and there are no sales commissions paid to The Nutty Bavarian. We will license you to use our proven success systems and techniques as long as you purchase our specially developed cinnamon nut glaze and logo packaging from The Nutty Bavarian. As a Licensee of The Nutty Bavarian, you join our nationally recognized, highly successful program and gain the continuing full support of our experienced staff.
Batch roasting time is about 15 minutes. A full batch yields approximately 2 lbs. for 11-12 packages.
It takes approximately 2 to 4 weeks once the License and Sales Agreements are signed, and we have received your deposit, until you are open for business.
Due to the high level of automation, The Nutty Bavarian nut roasting system can be operated by a single person reducing labor expenses to a minimum.

Depending on the local and state requirements and location requirements, you may need:

  • Product liability insurance
  • Worker’s compensation
  • Business license and mobile food unit license

License and insurance coverage can be obtained by contacting the local health department and your insurance agency

Each 3-oz cone costs an average of $1, with the specific price varying depending on the type of nut. SRP is between $4-$5.

The raw ingredients and packaging is ordered from The Nutty Bavarian and shipped directly to your location. Normal lead time for orders is one week

We have successful carts operating in a variety of locations including theme parks, airports, theaters and auditoriums, shopping malls, stadiums and arenas, zoos, and convention centers. See the most current locations where our cinnamon glazed nuts are sold in the enclosed information.

Ready To Get Started?

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