Make Money Selling The Nutty Bavarian Fresh Roasted, Cinnamon Glazed Nuts and Our Kettle Fresh Fudge

We have a variety of start-up packages available to suit most any business model and location type. The packages are designed to set you up for immediate success right away with the lowest possible expense.

The Nutty Bavarian is a full-service company which supports its licensees with its one-step, turn-key programs, and excellent customer service. In short, our goal is to enable licensees to make money selling cinnamon glazed nuts and/or kettle fresh fudge at their locations.


30 Years of Growth

30 years of experience perfecting our nut-roasting system for customer success at thousands of locations across the USA and Canada

We Care

Good people who care about your business — We only succeed if you succeed.

Original Equipment Manufacturer

We set the standard for reliable easy to operate equipment proven at the highest volume locations.

Turnkey System

Includes everything necessary for startup. Ingredients are provided in pre-portioned packages. All you need is electricity and water.

High Profit Margins

Making candy fresh on-site generates the highest profit margins. Long shelf life of nuts and fudge guarantees near zero waste

Industry Expertise

Success in every area of the candy industry. From small candy stores to the largest theme parks -- indoors or outdoors -- we know how to generate large incremental sales

Exciting and New Updates

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