About Us

Why Us

The Nutty Bavarian is a full-service company which supports its licensees with its one-step, turn-key programs, and excellent customer service. In short, our goal is to enable licensees to make money selling cinnamon glazed nuts and/or kettle fresh fudge at their locations. We focus on keeping costs down and passing on the lower overhead to our customers.

We are a complete end to end company:

The Nutty Bavarian

Not just for new ventures, The Nutty Bavarian is also an excellent addition to existing stores that sell candy, ice cream and other snacks. The aroma generated by fresh roasting and glazing the nuts in a store attracts customers to the location and increases their appetites! Candy stores find that by adding The Nutty Bavarian, sales of all their products increase! There are no franchise fees involved, making it very affordable to open a new business. As a major distributor of nuts and candy, we can provide you with all the inclusions, flavorings and slabs needed to make over a hundred different recipes at extremely competitive pricing. The Nutty Bavarian is truly a one stop shop for all your needs.

Kettle Fresh Fudge mix is a return to the basics. Only the purest ingredients are used. David Brent, President of The Nutty Bavarian, began experimenting with fudge recipes with the help of an award-winning confectionery chef from Miami, Florida. Upon perfection of a formula, David consulted with food scientists to perfect a mix that would easily go into solution and consistently produce perfect fudge. The unique characteristics of Kettle Fresh Fudge mix can be easily seen even before you add product to the kettle. Part 1 contains more solids which allows it to go into the solution easily without stopping and scraping. The fudge flavoring is pre-measured and included in every case. Real chunks of chocolate, which give our fudge its rich flavor, can be seen in each bag. Potassium sorbate, a critical mold inhibitor, is included – thereby avoiding measurement mistakes.

Our History

The Nutty Bavarian began business in 1989 selling fresh roasted, cinnamon glazed nuts using a Bavarian recipe developed by Bruno the Bavarian.

The first Nutty Bavarian was located in Orlando, Florida. In 1994, with money borrowed from his family, David Brent purchased the company, which had grown to ten locations, and began its rapid expansion. By 1996, The Nutty Bavarian was among INC’s list of the 500 fastest growing private companies in America, with Nutty Bavarian locations numbering 100.

The Nutty Bavarian’s growth came from the design and development of a new fully automated nut roasting system. David Brent put his engineering background to good use, developing the automated nut roaster that cost thousands of dollars less than the German imports — yet is easier to use and maintain. More importantly, the Nutty Bavarian nut roaster produces a consistent higher quality product with no broken nuts!

The Nutty Bavarian began licensing its system to independent operators who opened locations in major malls, theme parks, sports stadiums and arenas, zoos, and airports throughout the United States. In addition, The Nutty Bavarian became a side business for many professionals who operate at local fairs and festivals on weekends. The Nutty Bavarian has also enjoyed great success as an add-on product to candy stores and other existing concession operations.

In 2011, The Nutty Bavarian developed its fudge program in response to customer requests. With our 25 years of candy making experience, we developed a brand-new fudge mix. Adding a high-volume automated production line and partnering with a candy equipment manufacturer, our team developed a state-of-the-art fudge kettle, and created new points of purchase marketing materials. Soon, we began stocking all the inclusions and packaging materials needed to produce over one hundred different recipes of freshly made fudge. The response has been phenomenal as hundreds of customers switched to our fudge program or added a new fudge program to their locations.

Ready To Get Started?

If you have any questions or need assistance, just give us a call at 800-382-4788 or click the button below to reach us online.